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What is Not Allowed on Allegiant Airlines?

Traveling with Allegiant Airlines? It’s crucial to know what items are prohibited to ensure a safe and smooth journey. This guide by SkyTravelFly will help passengers understand the specific items that cannot be brought on board, from fireworks and sharp objects to certain liquids and hazardous materials. By following these guidelines, travelers can avoid delays and contribute to a safe flying experience for everyone. Let's dive into the essentials of what to leave out of your bags before heading to the airport.

What can’t I Carry on Allegiant Flight?

Fireworks are strictly prohibited, aligning with TSA regulations and Allegiant's policies. Bringing them on board could disrupt your travel plans and compromise safety. Carry-on items must meet size restrictions to avoid additional fees. Your carry-on should fit in the overhead bin, and personal items should slide under the seat in front of you. Additionally, liquids, gels, and aerosols are limited to one quart-sized, clear plastic bag containing containers of 3.4 ounces or less, which must go through a separate x-ray scan.

Certain items are not allowed in carry-on bags, including weapons, sharp objects like scissors with blades over four inches, and sporting equipment that could be used as weapons as per the Allegiant Air baggage policy. Flammable or hazardous materials, such as lighter fluid, gasoline, and household items like bleach and spray paint, are also off-limits.

Does Allegiant allow free Carry-on?

Traveling with Allegiant Airlines requires careful planning, especially when it comes to your carry-on items. While a personal item is free, bringing a standard carry-on will incur additional costs. If purchased during booking, it ranges from $15 to $41, increasing to $70 if arranged before departure, and reaching $75 at the airport ticket counter.

Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that fireworks are strictly prohibited, aligning with both TSA regulations and Allegiant's policies. Packing compliant liquids, gels, and aerosols in a quart-sized clear bag is necessary, with each container holding no more than 3.4 ounces. By following these guidelines, you help ensure a smooth security process and a safe, pleasant journey for everyone on board.

How much is a Checked Bag with Allegiant?

When flying with Allegiant Airlines, it's essential to plan for your checked baggage to avoid unexpected costs. You can pre-purchase up to 4 bags, each with maximum dimensions of 80 inches (length + width + height) and a weight limit of 40 pounds.

Booking your checked bags when you purchase your tickets online can save you money, with fees for the first and second checked bag up to $35 per bag, each way, depending on your route. If you reserve bags pre-departure through Manage Travel or at Online Check-In, prices range from $15 to $70 each way.

Remember to measure your bags, including wheels and handles, to ensure they meet the size restrictions. This careful planning helps keep your travel budget in check and your journey hassle-free. For more details, reach out to SkyTravelFly at any hour of the day.

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